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What is GWG?

When no one else will protect our children, who will? Grandpas With Guns (GWG) is a nonprofit, volunteer service. Since 1999, there have been 388 school shootings. 27 school shootings occurred during the 2021-22 school year. Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Police⏤we are not going to stand for it any longer. GWG are licensed volunteers who are Grandpas, Fathers, Police, Military and Veterans who volunteer their time to help protect our children. Stationed outside our local schools are an extra set of eyes to watch the School Zone, helping to deter anyone who may have ill intentions toward our children and the school. In an incident, even a two minute response time from Local Police & Sheriff's Deputy's is too long. Our goal is to maintain a zero victim status and completely thwart any incident from ever occurring. See More.

If you wish to be a GWG volunteer, fill out a volunteer form on this website which will then be submitted to a background check. Read our FAQ.


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